1. I think that the poolicy analysis would be helpful because I would be able to look into it alittle more and get all of the details that would go along with this policy. I would be able to look at my different options and see how I could help and try to make a difference. (Segal 2016) I would use critical thereory to understand theproposed policy on the students getting denied lunch after they have reached the 20 lunches by trying to finbd a solution and try to make it better for the students and everyone else. 

The policy that I would come up with would be income based if a family makes 60,000 or less they would get free lunches and if the family made more than that a year they would be responsible to pay for their lunches. I would come up with a plan with the income so that we would know that they was able to pay for their lunches. 

2.Policy Analysis can help out by identifying and defining the problem by setting some goals. In this case, I really think that no kid should be denied lunch. School lunch is critical to student health and well-being. Schools need to ensure that students have a good nutrition throughout the day so they can be able to concentrate and learn. Imagine trying to focus on an empty stomach? I really think that this would be unfair to these students. For example, California became the first state to offer free public school lunchesback in 2022. Schools need to understand and acknowledge that there are many low income families that can’t afford to pay for lunch.  If you want a child to succeed in school, they need to have access to a good nutritious meal regardless a parents’ income.

Critical Theory, is useful in analyzing who is making the decisions, who benefits and who doesn’t. In order to avoid unpaid balances, the school should have some kind of communication with the parents and remind them that they are behind with their school lunch payment. Maybe send a note home, or contact parents over the phone and ask why they haven’t  paid or if they need some kind of assistance in making payments.  There should be some kind of agreement, so it ends up benefiting the student to avoid him or her going hungry.

In my opinion, kids shouldn’t be paying for school lunches. In the United States millions of kids start the school day on an empty stomach. It’s hard for them to focus and learn. It’s unfortunate enough that some families can’t afford school meals, imagine a child making line to get lunch and they get publicly shamed or punished for having an unpaid balance? This could really affect a student mentally.  I would try to come up with a solution where instead of denying a child lunch, I would go ahead and make sure every child gets lunch. I would try to meet with parents who have failed to pay lunches, and see if we can come up with some kind of plan or agreement so they can pay off their balances. We need to feed our kids no matter what policy is in place. It is not appropiate to deny childrend access to school lunches due to their inability to pay. It is very important for schools to have policies in place to support families in need to provide for the well-being of all students.

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