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1)&nbsp Was Post-Modernism really an inevitablephilosophy in Am

    1)  Was Post-Modernism really an inevitablephilosophy in America, 2) How can I positively affect my family to accept God’sstandards over our Culture’s standards and 3) How will history look at our generation?In a two-paragraphessay, describe what the term, ‘Columbian Exchange’ means (go onlineand read about it – what was exchanged?). In the second paragraph, discuss whatkinds of things do you take for granted that are a direct result of this firstgreat period of globalization?  In addition to the Internet sources,please don’t forget to use your textbook to amplify key talking points. Your answer should be between 250-300 words and be sure to include the word countat the end of your postI am a Christian and would like a Christina worldview please. Thank you.

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