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1A.OrganizationalSurvival StrategiesThis discussion has two

    1A.OrganizationalSurvival StrategiesThis discussion has two options. Please choose either Option A or Option B torespond to. Be sure to indicate within your post which option you chose. Option A: Hospitals frequently seek ways to ensure survival.Sometimes an adversarial climate cannot be avoided when the action that isbeing considered is controversial. For example, a hospital may seek to expandits market reach by opening an inpatient drug treatment facility in a smallsuburban township. The county where the township sits has seen a steady rise inheroin addiction, as well as an increase in hepatitis cases. As a manager,identify the three possible categories of clients within this new clientelenetwork. Give at least one example of a client for each category and explain thereason for your decision. Option B: In this increasingly difficult economic environment, manyorganizations have been forced to take drastic operational and systematic measuresto stay afloat and maintain their position within the community. If you were ahealth care manager leading an organization in which its financial,political, and/or social position was threatened, what survival strategieswould you employ? Please choose at least three strategies from your textbook todiscuss and thoroughly explain the rationale for your choices.

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