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11. Rachel isconducting telephone interviews for Chevrolet o

    11. Rachel isconducting telephone interviews for Chevrolet on perceptions of its new models.When she interviews Chevrolet customers, she asks the question, ‘How loyalare you to the Chevrolet brand?’ But when she interviews Ford customerswho have bought Chevrolets, she changes the question to, ‘So you aren’tloyal to the Chevrolet brand, are you?’ Which of the following sources oferror in communicationresearch is present in thisexample?A. InterviewerB. ObserverC. ParticipantD. Measurementquestion12. Which of thefollowing terms is used to describe combining several qualitative methods, orcombining qualitative with quantitative methods?A. ProjectionB. Inter-raterreliabilityC. TriangulationD. Component sorts13. When Katie Couricinterviews guests on The Today Show, she tends to interrupt theiranswers. Which dimension of extralinguistic activity is reflected in herbehavior?A. VocalB. TemporalC. Verbal stylisticD. Interaction14. Whatcharacteristic distinguishes the pretest-posttest control group design from thenonequivalent control group design?A. One can’tdetermine which group was exposed to the treatment in the nonequivalent controlgroup design.B. Randomassignment is impossible in the nonequivalent control group.C. No pretest isused in the nonequivalent control group design.D. Membership inthe experimental and control groups is naturally assembled in thepretest-posttestcontrol group design.15. Which of thefollowing is not a type of evidence used to test causal hypotheses?A. AlternativecausesB. Disposition ofvariable BC. Covariationbetween variables A and BD. Time order ofevents16. Which of thefollowing is true of studies conducted under laboratory conditions?A. They simulateenvironmental conditions.B. They occur underactual environmental conditions.C. They facilitatemeasurement of the variables of interest.D. The dependentvariable occurs naturally.17. A _______ studysummarizes data.A. reportingB. descriptiveC. causal-explanatoryD. causal-predictiveEnd of exam18. Surveys are usedin _______ research studies.A. communicationB. behavioralobservationC. monitoringD. observation19. Jane isconducting interviews to develop a customer profile for her client. Shecustomizes each interview to each participant and doesn’t ask specificquestions. What type of interview format is Jane using?A. SemistructuredB. Closed-endedC. UnstructuredD. Structured20. Jason isdeveloping a research design for a study of wine drinkers. The targetpopulation is widely dispersed. Jason needsto collect data on pastconsumption behavior and intentions for future behavior. Which type of datacollection method is most appropriate for Jason’s project?A. ExperimentalB. CommunicationC. Monitoring

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