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11 pages apa.write research paper using the new times roman

    11 pages apa.write research paper using the new times roman font 12 I inch margin. Illustrations can be added. Research topic G6PD disorder content of paper must include introduction ( brief discussion on disease) Etiology ( the cause of the disease), Pathology: the study of the characteristics, causes, and the effects of disease as observed in the structure and function of the body. Signs: objective findings as perceived by an examiner, such as fatigue and symptoms: subjective indication of the disease or change in conditions perceived by a patient. Diagnosis: identification of the disease by scientific evolution of physical signs symptoms, history, laboratory test results and procedure. Treatment: the care and management of a patient to combat, ameliorate, or prevent a the disease. Prevention: to hinder the occurrence of the illness or to decrease the incidence of the disease. Prognosis: a prediction of a probable outcome of the disease. genealogy: how the disease is passed from parents to children.Hemolytic anemiaG6pd in red blood cell metabolismstructure and biochemistry of g6pddgenetics of g6pddmolecular basis of g6pddclinical manifestations of g6pddfavismInternet sources only, reputable medical journals and websites only please, .gov, .edu, .org

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