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1. Why is there a debate as to whom decides when the juvenil

    1. Why is there a debate as to whom decides when the juvenile offender should be released?2. What are some of the defining characteristics of Intensive Aftercare Supervision?3. What do interstate compacts agree upon?4. Explain the evolution in correctional treatment from the mid-20th century to today.5. Elaborate on the pros and cons of the I-Level classification system and the Quay classification system.6. Discuss the ingredients of effective aftercare programs.7. Explain the difference between the gangs of the 1950’s and the supergangs of the 1960s.8. Why were gangs in the 80’s becoming increasingly adult oriented?9. Discuss the three different types of gang leadership and how it applies to modern-day gangs10. List some of the drugs that high-risk juvenile use and explain the drugs’ effect on cognition.Extra Credit Questions- 5 points per question11. What are some of the patterns generally associated with juveniles and drug use?12. What distinguishes an addict from a recreational drug user?13. What other illegal activities are associated with drug-trafficking

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