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1. Which of thefollowing is the correct focus for internal v

    1. Which of thefollowing is the correct focus for internal validity?A. Are the measuresused for prediction or estimation effective?B. Do theconclusions we draw from an experiment truly imply causation?C. Does it considerboth the theory and the selected measurement instrument?D. Does theinstrument provide adequate coverage of the investigative questions?2. David’s Bridalis conducting a survey of the trends in dress preferences among women who willmarrysometime in the next year.Surveys were mailed to 100,000 women but only 1,000 responded, resulting ina response rate of 1 percent.This study is threatened by _______ error.A. nonresponseB. samplingC. coverageD. measurement3. What calculationis performed to evaluate the effect of the treatment in a pretest, posttestcontrol groupdesign?A. O2 – O3B. (O2 – O1) – (O4– O3)C. (O4 – O3) – (O2– O1)D. O1 – O34. Maria isconducting research to better understand how consumers respond to theatmosphere andenvironment in restaurants. Shevisits several restaurant locations and observes characteristics of theenvironment and all of thebehaviorsof the patrons. Whichclassification best fits Maria’s observation study?A. Structured/naturalB. Unstructured/naturalC. Structured/laboratoryD. Unstructured/laboratory5. The use of a/an_______ serves as a comparison to assess the existence and potency of themanipulation.A. explanatoryvariableB. criterionvariableC. control groupD. experimentalgroup6. Which of thefollowing statements is true of telephone surveys?A. They’re one ofthe least reliable survey techniques.B. They’re one ofthe most popular survey techniques.C. They alwaysinvolve the use of a human interviewer.D. There’s nocomputer-assisted method of interviewing.7. Which of thefollowing is a condition in which observation is an appropriate method for datacollection?A. Anonymity isdesired.B. A naturalsetting is imperative.C. The respondentsare widely dispersed.D. An extensive amountof information is needed.8. HarrisInteractive surveys members of its KidZone, a group of consumers ages 12–17.These participants report consumption data on a variety of products and respondto various promotional methods over time. The KidZone members are part of aA. cohort study.B. monitoringstudy.C. longitudinalpanel.D. cross-sectionalstudy.9. An interestingapplication of _______ compared self-reported beer consumption with the numberof discarded beer containers in the trash.A. erosion measuresB. process analysisC. accretionmeasuresD. data mining

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