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1. Whatpercentage of Americans dream of starting a business?

    1. Whatpercentage of Americans dream of starting a business?A) 28%B) 58%C) 68%D) 48%E) 38%2. “Babyboomers” is the term used for Americans born in:A) Late 1930’s – 1940’sB) Mid 1940’s – early 1960’sC) C Early 1930’sD) 1920’sE) Early 1920’s3. Whatwas the increase in Benchmark Capital’s investment of $5 million in eBay?A) 700-fold in two yearsB) 4000-fold in two yearsC) 300-fold in two yearsD) 1500-fold in two yearsE) 30-fold in two years4. Whatpercent of GDP did venture capital backed companies generated in 2008?A) 21%B) 41%C) 28%D) 31%E) 7%5. Thestock market collapse that led to the Great Depression occurred in what year?A) 1930B) 1931C) 1932D) 1929E) 19286. By2011, what percentage of the world’s population had become Internet users?A) 33%B) 60%C) 57%D) 2%E) 16%7. Whatpercent of American, four-year colleges have courses in entrepreneurship?A) 43%B) 60%C) 78%D) 55%E) 13%8. Howmuch does the Bayh-Dole Act contribute annually to the US economy?A) D)$32 billionB) E)$40 billionC) A)$300 millionD) B)$950 millionE) C)$12 billion9. Howmany business incubators were in the US in 2006?A) 2076B) 850C) 764D) 240E) 111510. Howmuch new VC money was committed in 1975?A) $145 millionB) $430 millionC) $930 millionD) $10 millionE) $45 million11. Whichterm is used to describe business churning?A) Creative destructionB) Making the butterC) Artificial evolutionD) Business expansionE) Evolving transition12. Whatwas the primary objective of the Bayh-Dole Act?A) Support for young entrepreneursB) All of the aboveC) Commercial development of intellectual propertyD) Investment of pension funds in venture capital companiesE) Gender equality among entrepreneurs. 13. Whatpercent of the executives downsized in the 1980’s and 1990’s started their ownbusinesses?A) 15%B) 30%C) 25%D) 20%E) 10%14. Accordingto the GEM model, how many sets of activities create the basis for nationaleconomic growth?A) 4B) 6C) 3D) 2E) 515. Whatpercent of the workforce did Fortune 500 companies employ in 1960’s?A) 10%B) 15%C) 25% D) 30%E) 20%16. Whichsoftware application was the predecessor to the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet?A) FileMakerB) Microsoft ExcelC) Financial WorksD) VisiCalcE) MasterFile17. Accordingto the survey cited in this chapter, which of the following was not one of themost important innovations since 1980?A) Cell phonesB) Personal computersC) The InternetD) Digital imageryE) E-mail18. Whoreasoned that capitalism would be inevitably destroyed by elites?A) MarxB) SchumpeterC) LeninD) Servan-SchreiberE) Whyte19. Whatdoes SBIR stand for?A) Speaker Boundary Interference ResponseB) Small Business Innovation ResearchC) Savings, Brokerage, and Investment ReserveD) Small Business Interest RateE) Space Based Infra Red20. Whatpercentage of new business ventures typically survive their first five years ofoperation?A) 65%B) 40%C) 81%D) 25%E) 100%21. Whatwas the world’s largest corporation in 2012?A) Southwest AirlinesB) General MotorsC) AppleD) GoogleE) Walmart22. Whichof the trends below converged to spark the Internet revolution of the 1990’s?A) Personal Computers, Modems, and Floppy DisksB) Venture Capital, Biotechnology, and TelecommunicationsC) Digital Technology, Information Technology, and EntrepreneurshipD) Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Computer SoftwareE) Personal Computers, Cell Phones, and Laser Printing23. Howmuch do informal investors contribute to startup businesses annually?A) $100 billionB) $12 billionC) $50 billionD) $67 billionE) $86 billion24. Whichof the following industries was the prime example of venture capital fuelingthe pace of commercial innovation?A) All of the AboveB) Semi-ConductorsC) Personal ComputersD) Mini-ComputersE) Biotechnology25. Atthe turn of the 20 th century, about 50% of US workers worked in either theagricultural or the domestic service spheres. Approximately 100 years laterthat percentage had decreased to which of the following figures?A) 22%B) 16%C) 10%D) 4%E) 35%

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