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1. What issues took center stage by the time of President Ta

    1. What issues took center stage by the time of President Taylor was elected?A.The economic downturn in the farming industry.B. Labor unionsC. The scarcity of industrial jobs.D. Slavery2. What did the Manifest Destiny influence the nation to do?A. It inspired America to annex countries within Europe as part of America.B. It influenced the nation to outlaw slavery.C. It sparked an opposition against immigration.D. It sparked in interest in the nation expanding its reach and influence to other countries.3. What happened after an agreement upon slavery and the expansion could not be reached between the Northern and Southern states?A. The southern states began to consider succession.B. The government decided to go to war with Mexico.C. The nation took steps towards electing another president.D. The government took measures to revise the US Constitution4. How did William Lloyd Garrison start the abolitionist movement?A. He sparked the movement when he published the Liberator.B. After he had been imprisoned falsely as a slave for 12 years.C. After 20 years as a slave owner.D. None of the above

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