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1. The challenge in applying utilitarianism is that&nbsp it can

    1. The challenge in applying utilitarianism is that  it cannot distinguish among different kinds of pleasures.  it is difficult to calculate the various benefits involved.  it can lead to the tyranny of the majority.  all of the above.  none of the above.2. A recent definition of pornography distinguishes it from erotica in that  Pornography represents loving sexual relations while erotica presents violent sexual experiences.  Pornography and erotica both present derogatory visions of women.  Pornography presents violent sexual encounters such as rape whereas erotica is a respectful representation of sexual experiences.  Pornography and erotica should both be illegal.  None of the above3. A sound argument is  a valid argument with all true premises.  a valid argument that could have false premises.  a strong argument with all true premises.  a strong argument that could have false premises.  none of the above.4. If a deductive argument is valid and its premises are true,  the conclusion must be true.  the conclusion must be false.  the conclusion is improbable.  the conclusion is probable.  none of the aboveQuestion 5.  an ethically good act is one that aligns most with the highest virtues the human can obtain.  an ethically good act examines the outcomes that will result from the act and maximizes the best outcomes.  an ethically good act depends on the social conditions in which it occurs.  an ethically good act is one that wills itself universally with consistency.  none of the above..6. This golf club did not allow African-Americans and women to be members until 1990 and 2012, respectively.  Torrey Pines  Pebble Beach  TPC Sawgrass  Augusta National  Riviera.7. Which statement is an objection to ethical egoism?  It can’t be shown to be false and thus doesn’t explain anything.  Few people demonstrate that they act out of self-interest.  Being selfish isn’t a very nice way to act.  It is always clear what is in one’s self-interest.  All of the above8. Those who argue that one’s ethical values must be evaluated in terms of one’s culture and traditions are called  utilitarians.  emotivists.  deontologists.  relativists.  none of the above9. The categorical imperative is an ethical concept most closely associated with  Aristotle.  Kant.  Mill.  Bentham.  none of the above.10. Which reason was used to support the claim that women should not be allowed to vote?  Women are just as intelligent as men.  Women enjoy participating in government  Women must stay within the realm of the home which is an apolitical space  Women served in the military  None of the above

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