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1. Question What happens when a cold front (or cold air) an

    1. Question: What happens when a cold front (or cold air) and a warm front or (warm air) meets?2. Hypothesis: This experiment will use water, and temperature in order to recreate conditions in the atmosphere (air has water vapor in it). This will hopefully be accurate for the air that is in the atmosphere. After having always been told, hot air rises, and cold air sinks, it makes sense for the hypothesis to be; If warm water encounters cold air, then the cold air will sink below the warm air.3.Materials: – Cold water-Hot water-A thermometer (not necessarily though)-A measuring cup (not necessarily though)-2 food colorings of your choice-2 small cups-1 large container-A pair of eyes to observe-Something papery to record observations4.Variable:Independent (what you’re going to change): The temperature of the water.Dependent: Result of temperature change.Controlled:-The source of the water-the source of the food coloring-the size of the containers and cups-the amount of water in containersExtraneous:-Temperature outside the cup-Perhaps chemicals in the plastic of the cups and containers.-Human error of measurement, or in recording observations.-Possibly the color of food coloring.5.Abstract:So basically this experiment is gong to use water to represent atmospheric air. The question this experiment will answer, is what happens when warm air meets cold air. Research has led to the conclusion that water is an accurate model for atmospheric air conditions. This will be conducted in two parts, both with different temperatures of water. With the difference between the temperature of the water progressively increasing, in order to provide the most accurate results.The food coloring will be added to both the cold or warm water in order to identify them after the two were mixed.

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