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1.&nbspA writer can demonstrate the connection betweenevidence

    1. A writer can demonstrate the connection betweenevidence and claims by doing WHICH ONE of the following?   allowingevidence to speak for itself  showing aclear, logical connection  letting commonsense prevails  staying firm topersonal beliefs2.  “How canyou say Celine Dion’s music is not great? She has sold over 20 million albums.”This is an example of   thescapegoating fallacy.  the falsedilemma fallacy.  theloaded-question fallacy.  anappeal-to-popularity fallacy.3. Meeting audience expectations produces all of thefollowing expectations, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)  It enhancesyour grade.  It establishesyou as an attentive writer.  It ensures youwill avoid offending your audience.  It enables you tobe an expert.4. Which of the following is a complex sentence? (Points :1)  Eric organizedthe filing system, but he did not update the files.  Eric organizedthe filing system and updated the files.  Because thefiles were already updated, Eric had little to do, so he enjoyed his afternoon.  Updating the fileswere a difficult endeavor for Eric; he didn’t much care for filing.5. An interpretive framework for an essay should include allof the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)  emotionallydriven beliefs.  opinions ofexperts.  historicalprecedent. cause-and-effect relationships.6. The drafting stage of the writing process all of thefollowing strategies, EXCEPT   discovery ofwhat your research means.  determining howto frame an argument.  focusing onlyon proving your thesis.  beingopen-minded about potential changes.

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