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1.&nbsp Steve buys a house from Jim. There is no written contra

    1.  Steve buys a house from Jim. There is no written contract. However, Steve pays thepurchase price, moves onto the property, and begins to build a new garage. Jimseeks to evict Steve from the property stating that there was never a validcontract. Is Jim likely to succeed? Why or why not?2.  Tony contracts with Paulie for Paulie to build him a house. They contract for aparticular brand of pipes to be used. However, Paulie decides to use a slightlycheaper brand that is of a slightly lesser quality. Tony claims that thisbreach of the contract allows him to avoid the contract. Is he correct?3.  Frida agrees to sell a car to Johnny for $900. However, Johnny reneges on the writtencontract. Frida is able to find another buyer for the car at $700. What damagesmay she recover from Johnny?4.  What are the three main types of warranties under Article 2 of the UCC and how arethey created?5.  What kind of contracts are covered by Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code?

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