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1.&nbsp A health department estimates that 8 vials of malariase

    1.  A health department estimates that 8 vials of malariaserum will treat 100 people. At this rate, how many vials are required to treat175 people? Write your answer as a complete sentence.Answer:2.  A chemist wishes to make 3 liters of a 7% acidsolution by mixing a 9% acid solution and a 4% acid solution. How many litersof each solution should the chemist use? Write your answer as a complete sentence.Be sure to:· Defineyour variable and expressions for the quantities.· Writean equation that models the problem.· Solvethe equation.· Statethe answer in a complete sentence.Answer:3.  Suppose you pay $24 for a pair of shoes that has beendiscounted 20%. What is the original price of the shoes? Show how you identifywhat you are looking for, set up an equation, arrive at your answer, and checkyour work. Then clearly state your answer.Answer

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