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1. Influence over GovernmentAccording to Schubert, who has t

    1. Influence over GovernmentAccording to Schubert, who has the most direct day-to-day influence over government? In addition, Schubert raises the question: how democratic is the interest group system in the United States? What does he think? Are you convinced by his arguments? Why or why not?2. LobbyingWhat is lobbying, and what are the primary techniques that lobbyists use to influence policymakers? What are the best arguments for and against the influence that lobbying has on the political system in the United States? Finally, which types of organizations dominate interest group politics in the United States?3. What So Much Damn Money DoesAccording to Lessig, who should Congress be dependent upon and who is Congress dependent on? Why does Lessig believe this is corrupting the democratic process? Do you agree? Why or why not? Make sure you can articulate the “three undeniable effects” of the “economy of influence.”

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