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1.increase in camo/pka always result in muscle contractions?

    1.increase in camo/pka always result in muscle contractions? smooth muscle contraction calcium binds to troponin?3.stimulation of adregernic beta receptors on smooth muscles cause muscle relaxation and vasoconstriction?4.what is true of calcium in skeletal muscle contraction? select all that applya.binds to calmodulinb.binds to phosphoslipase c?c.comes solely from outside the cell?d.cimes from the endoplasmic recticulum ?5.what is true about cardiac muscle contractions? select all that applya.when calcium bind to calmodulinb.trigger by hormonal signalsc.shortening of sacomeresd.triggered by action potentialMy answers: 1.false 2.true 3.false 4.d 5.a, b, dplease tell me what you think this are not all correct i do not know which are and which are not

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