1. Heading 1 Resources assignment 2. Heading 2 project cost 3. Duration unit work Formula

 5. Return to the Gantt Chart. Select the View tab and, from the Tables drop-down, select Usage. a) Notice the following: i. Duration changed from 48 to 69 days. ii. Work remained the same at 768 hours. b) Navigate to Help in Microsoft Project. i. Search for “Duration Unit Work Formula.” ii. Review the article titled “Change the task type for more accurate scheduling.” c) In 2 to 3 sentences, respond to the prompt below in a Word document. Use the heading “Resource Assignments.” i. Why did the duration change and work remain the same when the resource units were changed from 100% to 50%? 6. Change to the Resource Sheet. For each resource, enter the following hourly cost for the standard rate: a) Web Developer, $35/h b) Mobile Developer, $35/h c) Project Manager, $50/h d) System Analyst, $50/h 7. Change to the Gantt Chart view. Select the View tab and, from the Tables drop-down, select Cost. a) In 2 to 3 sentences, respond to the prompt below in your Word document. Use the heading “Project Cost.” i. What is your total project cost? Referencing the “Duration Unit Work Formula,” explain how changes in this formula can change your total project cost during the execution of the project plan. 8. Change to the Project tab and select Project Information. Click on the Statistics… button. Take a screenshot of the Project Statistics dialog box and include this as the last item in your Word document. I already did all the Microsoft activities and attached the screenshot please answer base on the screenshot activities. This is for writer 59. I will returned back to my computer to check my messages on 8/2 after 3pm. Each headings should be answered in 2 sentences Again writer 59 please. Thanks 


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