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    1. Go to and read and summarize ‘Comunity of the Mind,’ beginning on page 9, and ‘Voicelessness,’ beginning on page 12, in ‘The Rsponsible Plagiarist: Understanding Students Who Misuse Sources,’ by Abigail Lipson and Sheila M. Reindl. 2. Go to Read and summarize ‘Superman and Me’ by Sherman Alexie.3. Go to View and summarize ‘Tracking our online Trackers.’4. Go to View and summarize ‘Beware on line ‘filter bubbles.”5. Go to View and summarize ‘How schools kill creativity.6. Go to Read and summarize Malala Yousafzau’s speech to the UN.  7. ***** I NEED TWO OF NUMBER SEVEN. I MEANT TWO ESSAYS USING DIFFERENT THOUGHTS DIFFERENT EVERYTHING*************You have written a series of summaries of articles and videos related to having a voice. Now put your thoughts into the shape of an essay of approximately 500 words (2 double-spaced, typed pages) on the theme of finding and using your own voice. The essay should take this shape: a. The title should express the essence of the essay in as few words as possible.  Make me want to read the essay. b.  The introduction draws the reader into the essay and establishes your credibility as a writer.  It is your first impression. Make it a good one.– Provide a ‘hook’ that powerfully draws the reader into the essay.  This may be an intimately related quote, a powerful statistic, a very brief related story or case study. — Provide the reader with background on the topic.– Present the thesis statement that is the control center of the paper.  Tell the reader what claims you are making and how you will support those claims with points in the body of the essay.c. The body– Provide a strong transition to connect the thesis statement to the body of the essay.– Each paragraph in the essay should develop one of the points in support of the thesis.– Each paragraph must have an identifiable topic sentence.– Use examples, statistices, stories, dialogue, quotations from the readings and the videos to support and develop the point.– MOST IMPORTANT: YOUR analysis of what you’ve seen and read.  How do these relate to the issue of finding and developing one’s own voice.  What are the challenges?  What questions are raised?  I want to read you wrestling with the issues.  Remember:  You are tossing around ideas in a logical way.  You are not trying to find the RIGHT answer; you are trying to come up with some process for finding your own voice amid the barrage of voices you hear from every day.  How do you determine what you think/feel/do? d.  Conclusion — Provide a smooth transition from the body–no ‘In conclusion,’ ‘in summary,’ ‘finally.’ –Summarize or better synthesize the whole essay. DO NOT REPEAT THE THESIS STATEMENT.  — Answer the questions, ‘SO WHAT?’  What is the point I will take away from your essay? What should I do/think about all of this?

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