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1.Calculating Simple Interest on a Loan. Michelle convinced

    1.Calculating Simple Interest on a Loan. Michelle convinced his aunt to lend him $2,000 to purchase a plasma digital TV. She has agreed to charge only 6 % simple interest, and he has agreed to repay the loan at the end of one year. How much interest will he pay for the year?  2. After visiting several automobile dealerships, George Davis selects the car he wants. He likes its $10,000 price, but financing through the dealer is no bargain. He has $2,000 cash for a down payment, so he needs an $8,000 loan. In shopping at several banks for an installment loan, he learns that interest on most automobile loans is quoted at add-on rates. That is, during the life of the loan, interest is paid on the full amount borrowed even though a portion of the principal has been paid back. George borrows $8,000 for a period of four years at an add-on interest rate of 11 percent. Questions a.What is the total interest on George‚Äôs loan? b.What is the total cost of the car? c.What is the monthly payment? d.What is the annual percentage rate (APR)?

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