1. A purple-flowered plant was cross-pollinated with a yellow-flowered plant of the same species. The offspring(F1) were all yellow-flowered plants. (Y=gene for yellow flowers, y=gene for purple flowers)

a. If one of the yellow-flowered F1 plants is cross-pollinated by a purple-flowered plant, approximately what percentage of the offspring would be expected to have purple flowers?

b. The F1 plants are self-pollinated and produced 600 seeds. If all 600 grew, what number would most likely be purple?

2. In garden pea plants, red flowers are dominant over white flowers.

a. A heterozygous red flower is allowed to self-pollinate. What are the probable genotypic and phenotypic ratios in the offspring of this plant?

b. Pollen from a pea plant with white flowers is used to fertilize the ovules (female gametes) of a heterozygous plant. What are the possible phenotypes in the offspring of this cross?

c. You have a pea plant with red flowers. Design a cross to determine if this plant is homozygous or heterozygous. Use a Punnet square to show all possible crosses.

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